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Weed Control/Fertilizer Program


Weed Control/Fertilizer Program


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Our Famous Five Month Program

Our Weed Control/Fertilizer Program consists of five applications over a five month long duration. With one designated application each month, your lawn will receive what it needs at the time it needs it, to ensure a healthy weed free lawn throughout the season. Combining Weed Control/Fertilizer in a timely program is the only way to ensure that your lawn is getting both the controlling elements it needs to thrive!

Lawn Tech Incorporated is a government certified weed control business. This means that we are certified and trained to use nothing but the industry's best and proven herbicides in our applications. We always ensure the most effective results while keeping the health and safety of the environment a top priority. Our program delivers three high quality fertilizer applications, as well as two weed control applications. Extra ad-on options are available during checkout.

Our Weed Control/Fertilizer Program is backed by a full customer satisfaction guarantee! We stand behind our services to the fullest extent to make sure that every customer is proud to be part of our program. This is the element that separates us from the rest, and is a main reason we are one of the countries fastest growing weed control and fertilization companies.

The Five Months... 

Note: The following months are just a general time line and it is often common for some visits to include both a fertilizer and a weed control application at the same time. Our technicians may use this discretion to most accurately correspond to the seasonal weather patterns. 

MAY - Spring Fertilizer: Starting the Program off with our special spring blended fertilizer will give your lawn the kick start it needs to be revived from the harsh Canadian winters. This blend has a higher nitrogen content to promote rapid growth and will help green things up for the springtime.

JUNE - First Weed Control Application: For weed control applications to be the most effective, it is important to treat weed infestations at the right time in their development and not too early. June is the month where weeds make their first round appearance as your lawn has now thickened up from the spring.

JULY - Summer Fertilizer: This summer blend is very similar to the spring application but is tweaked to cater to the mid summers stage of lawn development. Here again we use a higher nitrogen balance as well as a slow release for prolonged absorption. This will keep things green and thickening up for the remainder of the summer months.

AUGUST - Second Weed Control Application: This month is when we apply our second round of weed control to rid your lawn of any weeds that may arise at this stage of the year. All the same details from the June application apply here as well.

SEPTEMBER - Fall Fertilizer: Although your lawn doesn’t appear to be growing too much during the fall season, the roots focus on taking up as much nutrients as they can throughout the fall until soil temperatures drop low enough to inhibit root function. Thus, early fall applied nutrients are taken up by the plant material during the most important time of plant root function. Our fall fertilizer blend delivers an optimum mix with a higher concentration of phosphorus rather than nitrogen. This proliferates root structure with optimum nutritional balance and prepares the lawn for the coming winter months.

*Extras: All customers who register for this program are also offered $20 off towards purchasing a Fall Aeration with their Weed Control/Fertilizer Program. Ending your program with a Fall Aeration is the wise choice in properly preparing your lawn for the winter. We also offer the option for an additional early weed control application in late May for those who experience heavy early infestations, or for those who just desire the extra early control. However, this application is now strongly recommended to all because of the ever increasingly shorter Alberta winters. 

Important Details & Considerations

[ 1 ] All weed control applications contain the use of herbicides that are considered toxins. This is why no pets or people should walk on the lawn within 24 hours from the point of application. Therefore, all customers who request so will receive a phone call in advance about what day they can expect us to arrive at their home. Our weed control is a liquid based application that is not obvious to the eye after the application. This is yet another reason why there will be a sign posted on the front lawn immediately after the application has occurred. After the 24 hours has passed the lawn is considered perfectly safe and friendly for all!

[ 2 ] All the fertilizer applications we use are a dry granular style with a special slow releasing formula that does not need to be watered in following each application. This is done for both customer convenience, and to give your lawn a better quality treatment by sustaining the absorption process. Unlike the weed control, the fertilizers used are not toxic or harmful in anyway. After the application has occurred there will simply be a slip in your mailbox or one visible at the front door to notify you that your lawn has successfully been treated that day.

[ 3 ] Customers must note that during the five month program, treatments can be scheduled for any day within the specified month. This is programmed on our accord and is factored by many elements including weather, employee scheduling, and location of site.

[ 4 ] Considering all of the cities we operate in are managed from one central office located in north Edmonton, we rely on the far majority of our customers to use their own accurate judgment when selecting one of the three lawn size categories suggested to them. If you suspect that your total lawn area is greater than 8,500 square feet then we recommend that you contact us by phone to discuss those details. If a lawn technician assesses your lawn during the first visit and determines that your lawn falls into a different category than the one you have suggested, you will be notified and an appropriate price adjustment will be made then.

[ 5 ] It is important for all customers to know that this site can be used for all booking purposes regardless of payment method. Meaning, although we prefer customers to pre-pay via credit card and receive discounted prices, there still is the option to select the cash or cheque option upon checkout. In choosing this option, this would mean that the customer must be present at the residence of service between 8am and 9pm, or have a cheque payable to Lawn Tech Inc. for the proper amount in their mailbox during those hours of operation. Customers who do not have a mailbox must have the cheque visible anywhere at the front door or in another location of preference on the property if clearly indicated in the comment section upon checkout. We do not do invoice billing. Therefore for these methods of payment, we cannot perform any service until the presence of the customer or payment is confirmed at the service address on the day of the scheduled service. Receipts will be provided upon request. These customers will receive a phone call in regards to which day the first application of the program will occur and payment must be made for the full program then. Customers must not forget about this appointment date or a $20 rebooking fee may need to apply.

Program Pricing

Our prices are broken down into three easy categories and are based on your relative lawn size. All prices include GST! *All prices are temporarily reduced for our early booking promotion*

Small lawn: under 2,500 square feet,
$215 / $180
Average lawn: 2,500-5,500 square feet,
$240 / $205
Corner & Pie shaped lawns: 5,500-8,500 square feet,
$275 / $240

Purchasing Terms & conditions: Your registration for the Weed Control/Fertilizer Program will NOT be automatically renewed annually as part of an on going yearly subscription. All customers must revisit our website yearly to repurchase our services. An annual newsletter reminder will be emailed to you at the start of each seasonal early booking promotion. However, all customers may and are always encouraged to prebook as early as possible.