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Summer Maintenance Program


Summer Maintenance Program


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Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Mowing correctly has the biggest impact on how your lawn looks and it's overall health.  If your lawn already has a problem, it may be caused by poor mowing practices. If your lawn is left too long between mowing then weeds and diseases will thrive. If you mow your lawn too short, the grass plant’s root system will weaken. A weak grass plant is highly susceptible to lawn weeds, lawn diseases and drought. Many homeowners mow their lawns too short during the summer months and severally dry out or burn their lawns. This occurs partially because of the consequent lack of moisture retention and over exposure to the sun. Mowing at the proper length is the ideal program for any lawn. We offer all customers our Summer Maintenance Program. This program will keep your lawn looking great throughout the entire spring, summer, and fall season. It consists of regular mowing with bi-weekly trimming.


Important Details & Considerations

[ 1 ] Our program is a 4 full Month Program (the first week of June through to the last week of September). However, some seasons we may substitute the first mowing/trimming of June to occur in late May instead. This would allow us to get the first service done asap, while still keeping the program an even 4 months long in regards to payments. Note: There are also two times throughout the season where there is an extra week during the month transitions. These weeks are considered holiday weeks for our technicians and no service will occur. These weeks are not scheduled ahead of time and are chosen on our accord and not the customers. Note: During our summer hours there is no regular office staff and we can not respond any further to customer enquiries about weekly scheduling timelines. 

[ 2 ] Any week with 4 or more full days of rain is considered a "rain week". Any jobs we are unable to get to by the end of the week will be serviced asap the following week. Customers will not be credited for rained out weeks. This also applies in times of drought where the lawn has not grown more than 3/8 of an inch between the last service. In these cases, service would be postponed for that week and resume the following as scheduled.

[ 3 ] Considering all of our cities we operate in are managed from one central office located in north Edmonton, we rely on the far majority of our customers to use their own accurate judgment when selecting one of the three lawn size categories suggested to them. If you suspect that your total lawn area is greater than 8,500 square feet then we recommend that you contact us by phone to discuss those details. If a lawn technician assesses your lawn during the first visit and determines that your lawn falls into a different category than the one you have suggested, you will be notified and an appropriate price adjustment will be made then.

[ 4 ] It is important for all customers to know that this site can be used for all booking purposes regardless of payment method. Meaning, although we prefer customers to pre-pay via credit card and receive discounted prices, there still is the option to select the cash or cheque option upon checkout. In choosing this option, this would mean that the customer must be present at the residence of service between 8am and 9pm on the first scheduled day of service, or have monthly cheques payable to Lawn Tech Inc. for the proper amounts and dates in their mailbox during those hours of operation. Customers who do not have a mailbox must have the cheques visible anywhere at the front door or in another location of preference on the property if clearly indicated in the comment section upon checkout. We do not do invoice billing. Therefore for these methods of payment, we cannot perform any service until the presence of the customer or payment is confirmed at the service address on the day of the first scheduled service. Receipts will be provided upon payment. These customers will receive a phone call in regards to which day the first mowing of the program will occur and the payments must be made for the program then. Customers must not forget about this appointment date or a $20 rebooking fee may need to apply. Program cancelation fees may apply at our discretion. A service cancellation fee may apply to any customers canceling services at any point after ordering them. The amount of the fee is up to the discretion of our management.

[ 5 ] *Note: For this program there are to be 4 instalments of payment. Customers paying with post-dated cheques must date them with the following dates: June1, July1, August1, and Sept1. Payments are payable for the first of the month for all four months of the program. The last week of september will be final service of the program. Customers paying by credit card will only be initially charged for the first month instalment in order to solidify their booking into our program. The remaining 3 instalments will be automatically charged on the same dates indicated above.

[ 6 ] If you purchased the Fall Aeration with the program then you will receive a phone call in the fall time in regards to which day service will occur.


Program Pricing

Our prices are broken down into three easy categories and are based on your relative lawn size. All prices include GST! *All prices are temporarily reduced for our early booking promotion*

Small lawn: under 2,500 square feet,
$175 per month / $125 per month
Average lawn: 2,500-5,500 square feet,
$195 per month / $145 per month

Corner & Pie shaped lawns: 5,500-8,500 square feet,
$215 per month / $175 per month


Purchasing Terms & conditions: Your registration for the Summer Maintenance Program will NOT be automatically renewed annually as part of an ongoing yearly subscription. All customers must revisit our website yearly to repurchase our services. An annual newsletter reminder will be emailed to you at the start of each seasonal early booking promotion. However, all customers may and are always encouraged to prebook as early as possible.