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Edmonton South, AB - Spring Clean-up


Edmonton South, AB - Spring Clean-up


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Revive your lawn From Winter

Every lawn needs a kick-start after being dormant from Alberta’s long and harsh winters. Thousands of pounds of snow pressure over several months leaves your lawn severally condensed and deprived come early spring season. During this time it is crucial to clear this condensed thatch layer out and give the grass optimum access to sunlight, oxygen, and nutrients. Our Spring Clean-Up Package consists of the four essential elements in doing so. These include the following services…

Power Raking: Done to remove the heavily condensed thatch layer that has formed from the winter. Allows air, moisture, and fertilizer to properly access your lawns root structures. This gives the lawn a rejuvenation effect and a head start to rapid growth.

Core Aeration: The core aeration process opens up the ground to allow vital amounts of oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the growing roots. Aeration also reduces turf compaction and thatch buildup while enhancing drought tolerance.

Hand Raking and Bagging: Although there are a few ways to clean up a lawn after it has been machined, we are strong supporters of the hand raking method. Although more laborious, this method remains the superior method for properly picking up the thatch and plugs that are brought to the surface from the machining process. Grass is raked into piles and then bagged using clear industry bags and set on the curb in front of your property.

(optional) Spring Fertilizer: Right after effective power raking and aeration is the optimum time to apply spring fertilizer. The immediate application will yield rapid result of greening and growth. We also strongly recommend signing up for our Weed Control/Fertilizer Program in conjunction with a spring Clean-up Package. This would properly ensure that your lawn stays in optimum healthy condition and weed free through out the rest of the season!

(optional) Over-Seeding: We now offer special discounted overseeding services to all customers who purchase our spring clean up services! This will help thicken up your turf and create a healthier lawn. After a spring clean up is the best time to add seed to your lawn because of the newly created holes and soil debris left on the lawn from the aeration and raking process. We use nothing but the highest quality of “micro-seeds”, which are smaller and less visible seeds than the other common competitor brands. This allows the smaller seeds to make closer and better contact with the depths of the turf/soil layer, allowing a far greater percentage of germination to occur. We use a special blended mix of three different types of seeds that are most common and desirable for Alberta turf. These are kentucky blue, creeping red fescue, and annual rye grassNote: our over-seeding service is for seed only. We do not apply soil or water.


Important Details & Considerations

[ 1 ] Customer must have the lawn prepared for the day of the spring cleanup. This includes picking up after dogs, kids toys, branches larger than twigs, fallen apples, and any other obstacles that may be considered obstructions. Sprinkler heads should be flagged or marked in any way obvious to avoid the possibility of being damaged by machinery.

[ 2 ] Inadequate winter preparation in the fall may result in lawns that accumulate large amounts of leaf fall or pine cones come spring season. Customers with excessive large piles or accumulations must have them reduced to a workable amount or addition fees may be billed to the residence for the extra time and labour required. Also, we only hand rake and bag from where our machine have gone. Meaning, we do not clean up flowerbeds or any other areas that are not considered turf area. Our hand rakes go only where our machines can go.

[ 3 ] We do not take away the bags after the clean up. Rather, they are left on the front curb as standard protocol. They may be placed elsewhere on the property if requested by the customer.

[ 4 ] Our Spring Clean-up does not include mowing! This is because we use the hand raking as the means of pickup to ensure a proper power raking job and removal of the thatch layer. Mowing alone does not properly pull up the thatch and other heavier lawn debris. Note: We no longer offer lawn mowing services.

[ 5 ] Anytime around the middle of May and onward, some lawns can begin to dry up fast if there are several consecutive days of hot weather with lack of rainfall or watering. We encourage customers to use their discretion in making sure there is some moisture in the soil for the day of the scheduled clean-up. This is worth mentioning simply because it will help ensure the best aeration results. Do not water on the day of the appointment. The key is to have moisture in the soil while having the grass and turf dry for the most effective power raking results. Note: It is common not to see obvious signs of aeration after our spring clean-up has been completed. This is because the cores get raked up and lawn debris can often fill up the holes entirely. Only with a Fall Aeration are the cores left on the lawn.

[ 6 ] Considering all of our cities we operate in are managed from one central office located in north Edmonton, we rely on the far majority of our customers to use their own accurate judgment when selecting one of the three lawn size categories suggested to them. If you suspect that your total lawn area is greater than 8,500 square feet then we recommend that you contact us by phone to discuss those details. If a lawn technician assesses your lawn during the first visit and determines that your lawn falls into a different category than the one you have suggested, you will be notified and an appropriate price adjustment will be made then.

[ 7 ] It is important for all customers to know that this site can be used for all booking purposes regardless of payment method. Meaning, although we prefer customers to pre-pay via credit card and receive discounted prices, there still is the option to select the cash or cheque option upon checkout. In choosing this option, this would mean that the customer must be present at the residence of service between 8am and 9pm, or have a cheque payable to Lawn-Tech Inc. for the proper amount in their mailbox during those hours of operation. Customers who do not have a mailbox must have the cheque visible anywhere at the front door or in another location of preference on the property if clearly indicated in the comment section upon checkout. We do not do invoice billing. Therefore for these methods of payment, we cannot perform any service until the presence of the customer or payment is confirmed at the service address on the day of the scheduled service. Receipts will be provided upon request. There will not be a reminder phone call for the appointment but rather a courtesy email will be auto generated to the email provided the day before the scheduled service. Customers must not forget about the appointment date or a $20 rebooking fee may need to apply. A service cancellation fee may apply to any customers canceling services at any point after ordering them. The amount of the fee is up to the discretion of our management.

[ 8 ] It is very important for all customers to know that their spring clean-up scheduled booking date can change due to weather or many other factors. If we need to postpone services due to rain, please allow us 1-3 days for us to be able to catch up on our bookings before attempting to notify us. Flooding our office with voicemail and or emails during these times will only result in making this process more difficult for us. No customers will be forgotten about. Customers may or may not receive a notice in regards to their new service date before the time their services are completed. We need customers to be patient and allow us the time and flexibility to arrange and execute all of our bookings in the most efficient way possible.

Service Pricing

Our prices are broken down into three easy categories and are based on your relative lawn size. All prices include GST! *All prices are temporarily reduced for our early booking promotion*

Small lawn: under 2,500 square feet,
$185 / $135
Average lawn: 2,500-5,500 square feet,
$205 / $165
Corner & Pie shaped lawns: 5,500-8,500 square feet,
$275 / $205

Purchasing Terms & conditions: Our Spring Clean-Up Services Will NOT be automatically renewed annually as part of an on going yearly subscription. All customers must revisit our website yearly to repurchase our services. An annual newsletter reminder will be emailed to you at the start of each seasonal early booking promotion. However, all customers may and are always encouraged to prebook as early as possible.


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