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Edmonton South, AB - Fall Aeration


Edmonton South, AB - Fall Aeration


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Please note that we do not provide times of day. Rather, service can occur any time between 8am and 9pm on that day.

Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Although your lawn does not appear to be growing too much during the fall season, the roots focus on taking up as much nutrients as they possibly can throughout the fall until soil temperatures drop low enough to inhibit root function. The core aeration process opens up the ground to allow vital amounts of oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the growing roots to assist them in doing so. Aeration also reduces turf compaction and thatch build-up while also enhancing heat and drought tolerance. This process is very important in helping to keep your lawn supple as it continues to develop over the years. Aeration should be done yearly as part of any healthy lawn maintenance program. We strongly recommend watering your lawn very well the day before your scheduled aeration and keeping the grass height about 2-3 inches if possible. This will help to ensure maximum aeration result.

The addition of a Fall Fertilizer application done at the same time as an aeration, will more than double its effectiveness of absorption into the root structures. This will ensure that the roots are taking up as much nutrients as possible during the most important time of plant root function. Our fall fertilizer blend delivers an optimum mix of nutrients with a higher concentration of phosphorus rather that nitrogen. This proliferates the roots with optimum nutritional balance and prepares the lawn for the winter months. The fall is also the best time to control any tough weeds and perennial weeds you may have because they begin moving carbohydrates produced by photosynthesis to their roots for winter storage. A single Fall Weed Control application at this time will target the deep root systems and kill the entire plant giving your lawn a healthier, weed-free head start to the following spring season!

After your lawn has been aerated and fertilized it is the perfect opportunity for over-seeding. This is because the holes and cores created by the aeration process allow for maximum seed-to-soil contact, and the fertilizer provides maximum nutrients for the new germinating seedlings. Over-seeding is the process of spreading new grass seed over an already existing turf to thicken up any lawns that show clear signs of thinning and decline. This will not only generously improve your lawns appearance, but it also enhances your lawns ability to fight insects, weeds, and diseases. It will also aid in recuperating your lawn from stress done by drought traffic damage, and yard dogs. Light frequent watering will be needed until the new seedlings become established. Adding a weed control application will ensure that your lawn has been given the maximum preparation for the long up coming winter!

Important Details & Considerations

[ 1 ] Customer must have the lawn prepared for the day of the Fall Aeration. This includes picking up after dogs, kids toys, branches larger than twigs, fallen apples, and any other obstacles that may be considered obstructions. Sprinkler heads and any hidden city CC valves should be flagged or marked in any way obvious to avoid the possibility of being damaged by machinery.

[ 2 ] We encourage customers to use their discretion in making sure there is some moisture in the soil for the day of the scheduled Aeration. This is worth mentioning simply because it will help ensure the best aeration results. Generally speaking, water well the day before your scheduled appointment for optimum results. As standard protocol, the Aeration cores are left on the lawn for beneficial reasons.

[ 3 ] Considering all of our cities we operate in are managed from one central office located in north Edmonton, we rely on the far majority of our customers to use their own accurate judgment when selecting one of the three lawn size categories suggested to them. If you suspect that your total lawn area is greater than 8,500 square feet then we recommend that you contact us by phone to discuss those details. If a lawn technician assesses your lawn during the first visit and determines that your lawn falls into a different category than the one you have suggested, you will be notified and an appropriate price adjustment will be made then.

[ 4 ] When booking this service online you are required to choose your own booking date from an option of highlighted dates available to your area. Please note that we do not provide times of day. Rather, service can occur any time between 8am and 9pm on that day. If you have purchased the Fall Weed Control application, service for this application will occur on a separate date, in which you will be contacted. 

[ 5 ] It is important for all customers to know that this site can be used for all booking purposes regardless of payment method. Meaning, although we prefer customers to pre-pay via credit card and receive discounted prices, there still is the option to select the cash or cheque option upon checkout. In choosing this option, this would mean that the customer must be present at the residence of service between 8am and 9pm, or have a cheque payable to Lawn Tech Inc. for the proper amount in their mailbox during those hours of operation. Customers who do not have a mailbox must have the cheque visible anywhere at the front door or in another location of preference on the property if clearly indicated in the comment section upon checkout. We do not do invoice billing. Therefore for these methods of payment, we cannot perform any service until the presence of the customer or payment is confirmed at the service address on the day of the scheduled service. Receipts will be provided upon payment. There will not be a reminder phone call for the appointment but rather a courtesy email will be auto generated to the email provided the day before the scheduled service. Customers must not forget about the appointment date or a $15 re-booking fee may need to apply.

Service Pricing

Our prices are broken down into three easy categories and are based on your relative lawn size. All prices include GST! *All prices are temporarily reduced for our early booking promotion*

Small lawn: under 2,500 square feet,
$90 / $60
Average lawn: 2,500-5,500 square feet,
$100 / $70
Corner & Pie shaped lawns: 5,500-8,500 square feet,
$120 / $85


Purchasing Terms & conditions: Our Fall Services will NOT be automatically renewed annually as part of an on going yearly subscription. All customers must revisit our website yearly to repurchase our services. An annual newsletter reminder will be emailed to you at the start of each seasonal early booking promotion. However, all customers may and are always encouraged to prebook as early as possible.

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